Woman Removed Her Mask After Two Years, Truly Unbelievable!

Dana Vulinhad, 28 , a super pretty face who lived in Perth in Western Australia was greeted by a stange voice when she had dozed off on tha sofa in her apartment on Februrary 16, 2012. The voice belonged to Natalie Dimitrovska – the estranged wife of a man named Edin whom Dana had met at a New Year’s eve party, 6 weeks ago. She was extremely jealous that Vulin had spoken to her husband in that party.
“Hello Dana”, she said. Before Dana could comprehend what was happening , Natalie hurled a bottle of methylated spirits and set Vulin on fire. The sofa and Dana both were left in flames within seconds of the attack. Natalie just laughed and left the apartment. Such was the intensity of her jealousy. And why? Just because Dana had a pretty face which she wanted to destroy.

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