Ronaldo Vs Ronaldinho – The Battle Of Legends

CR7 or Ronaldinho, who’s better? We fans never get tired of comparing one player to another and rocking our brains trying to find who’s better and why. But on what characteristics should we compare them? That is a tough question, isn’t it? So here’s what’s going to happen, below is a list of seven football traits and how both of these magicians with the ball (yeah, yeah… I heard it too; Now get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?) stand to them in retrospect.
Ronaldo, Ronaldinho
It is tedious and somewhat unfair to do this task as both of them are so strikingly close, and people are bound to disagree with what any opinion I will form.
So to avoid this feud, I will simply list stats and leave the final decision in the hands of my readers.

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