This Is How ‘The Police Academy’ Cast Transformed In 32 Years

Time goes away too quickly and a lot of events of our life transform into memories. Police Academy, a memorable movie which made it audience laugh hard, it was the story of incompetent Police officers. These misfits go through a lot of transformations during the training and the events that follow are hilarious.
The movie recieved a really good response in the U.S., it was the 6 th highest grossing movie that year. The poster said: ” Call them slobs, call them jerks, call them gross, Just dont call them when you’re in trouble.” and was released on March 23, 1984 and has since then left its imprints in the hearts of a complete generation. The transformations of the cast are shocking, a lot does change in 30 years. Make sure to take a walk down the memory lane…

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