6 Types Of Body Fat And Easy Ways To Get Rid Of It

There are many ways to combat obesity but the problem is that certain methods don’t work for everyone. We need to understand the root cause of obesity before treating it. While experts have suggested some changes in diet such as reduce intake of toast and potato for controlling obesity, there are also a number of exercises to reduce the fat present on specific body parts.

The key to fat loss lies in focusing on that portion where excess fat is present in the body. An extensive research was conducted to identify the type of obesity in different people. On the basis of that study, experts suggested 6 types of body fat and ways to fix it.
Yorkshire health study classified 4,000 fatty persons into 6 different groups.
(a) Young healthy females- Young women suffering from type 2 diabetes.
(b) Heavy-drinking males- Men consuming a large amount of alcohol and suffering from few obesity disorders such as type 2 diabetes.
(c) Dejected and anxious middle-aged- Mainly ladies with poor mental health and fitness.
(d) Rich and healthy aged- Generally those persons who are healthy but facing issues of liquor addiction and hypertension.
(e) Physically ill but cheerful elderly- Older people with a sound mental condition but suffering from chronic disorders such as degenerative joint disease.
(f) Poorest health- Destitute persons suffering from a number of chronic diseases.

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