9 Signs You’re Not The Only Woman!

A guy and a girl are forever together. Sounds romantic, right? No, it’s not. It’s the best characters for the most drama and nonsense you could have ever seen, believe me. Nothing can ever stay right, it’s boring literally if something stays right forever.
To add some interest to life, god added doubt to your life. That doubt is always fuelled with stuff around you, this article for example. Anyway, girls doubt like everything a guy tells them, even though she will trust him with his life, she will always think that the promises he makes and things he does is something else and something wrong. Her mind cannot think straight ever. Some signs, maybe the behavior, or words or something, will tell a girl things which she isn’t supposed to know or assume, but well. Here’s a list of reasons to assume that you’re not the one, again they may not be true in every case as this is only general. Don’t hate us.

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