This 48-Year-Old Fitness Freak Has A $exy 20-Year-Old Looking Body, Shocking!

You wouldn’t believe what 48-year old Fitness Freak Laura Gordon has to say about her toned, sexy and 20-years younger looking body. Laura who seems to have found the elixir of youth shares her secrets to having a hot body.
*COMPOSITE* Fit Fifty Year Old
The model, known for her curves and sexy figure also flaunts a six-pack that would put most men to shame. Laura lives in South Carolina and admits that she has been working out 8 times a week since she was 23. She is often mistaken for a 20 something college-going student, owing to her youthfulness. She attributes her hot figure and her six-pack to “sheer hard work” and some sacrifices, which in her own words, “No one is ready to make”. Laura says: “‘I only eat healthy food, so I’m not fat”.

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