15 Most Brutal Prisons In The World

In this world, none of us wants to go to prison. If we commit a crime such as tax fraud, it might seem like a walk in the park. But when it comes to the crime like murders and rapes, then you might have to go prisons that have a lot more security with rules and less-than-comfortable living conditions. There are some prisons that have enough nice televisions and hearty serving of food. There are also some prisons that are as worst as hell. These prisons are that bad; the prisoners also have to think twice before committing a crime. The prisoners are forced to live in a cage and are even not provided with enough food. The conditions of the prisons are worst, and the treatment given to the prisoners is brutal.
1. Diyarbakır Prison, Turkey
There is a prison in South Eastern Turkey that built in the year 1980. It has imprisoned most violent criminals of that nation. The prison has not only known for physical torture but also for its mental pain. There are two section namely the E-Type which has a capacity of 744 prisoners and the D-Type with a 688 capacity. Both the sections both currently hold more prisoners than they should. This prison performs the maximum violations of Human Rights per prisoner. The most dreading fact is that children are also treated same.

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