Historical Facts About Valentine’s Day Will Leave You Awe-Inspired

You might be waiting for the Valentine’s day and might have planned a romantic evening and a special gift for your loved one. But have you ever gone through the history of Valentine’s day? The connection between 14th February and love started with a pre-Roman festival, Lupercalia.

In the 5th-century, Pope Julius declared 14th February a Valentine’s day. A Roman Saint, Father Valentine supported in the escape of many young couples and secretly married them. The emperor so ordered to caught him arrested.


When the saint was jailed, the young couples sent him flowers, letters, and gifts as the symbol of gratitude. Saint Valentine then fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and on February 14th, he was executed passing a love note to the young girl ending with “your Valentine”. Since then, the tradition of celebrating the happiness of being in love was born.

Now, since last many centuries, we have been celebrating Valentine’s day in the name of love by gifting chocolates, flowers, and promises to our Valentine. The fest is celebrated in America on a large scale. A survey was conducted which brought a shocking fact to the light: 118 million roses and 36 million heart-shaped candies are being sold in America only on 14th February.

Hope you have great Valentine’s day this year.

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