Men Breastfeed And Go Through Labour Pains To Know How It Is To Be A Mother

Once you enter the place, you will see bras, pyjamas and many other women stuff. And moving a bit forward, you will witness breastfeeding, nappy changing and even the noises of pain during childbirth. From giving birth to a child to their proper nourishment. Yes, there is everything related to motherhood except women. Shocked?

Being a mother is the hardest job. Don’t you think men should know this well?

Zhaimom, founded by Jane Jiang is an online hub for new mothers to provide consultancy services. And there is a session where men are left to do the things they had never done before. After being admitted in this bizarre class, men experience the real taste of motherhood. They dress like a mother, feel the pain of childbearing, breastfeed the kids and change their nappies. And you can understand it’s definitely not easy for Mr. Mommies to deal with these moments. The course aims to make every man feel the value and importance of a mother. Many men are seen positive towards Jane’s concept.

During the ten-day course, the participants go through all the happenings with a mother’s life after delivery. Let’s see how men play a role of mother.
Where daddies become mommies…

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