Kate Winslet Speaks Up For Leonardo DiCaprio, Says He Will Win An Oscar This Time

“And the Oscar goes to….Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!!–OOPS! I made a mistake!”-Steve Harvey

Leonardo DiCaprio is getting a lot of Oscar Buzz for his movie “The Revenant” which has already won big at Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice Awards. Both the roads lead to Oscars and there is a high probability that Leo might win the Oscar this year!

Over the past few years, several online memes have appeared that poke fun at Leo’s unfortunate run with the Academy Awards. But this time, Kate Winslet, Leo’s Titanic co-star has spoken up in his favour. Kate told BBC that 2016 might (finally) be Leonardo’s year.

Check out her reaction below:
Leonardo has been nominated 5 times for an Oscar award

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