6 Helpful Tips For Regrowing Your Thin Or Over Plucked Brows

Believe it or not, the shape, size, and color of your eyebrows can have a huge impact on your face. You can do anything you want with your makeup, hair, and clothing, but at the end of the day, your brows can make or break a look.

Eyebrows have been subjected to beauty trends and ideals for a lot longer than most of you probably realize. For example, Ancient Egyptians darkened and elongated their brows with carbon and black oxide substances and medieval woman relentlessly plucked them in order to draw attention to their domed foreheads (a desirable trait at the time). Even in my life, I have seen changes in eyebrow shapes and size, so I know that many of you are also no stranger to the bushy eyebrows of the ’80s, the skinny brows of the ’90s, and now the bold, thick look of today.

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