Peacock Hair Is A New Trend Borrowed From The Birds You’ll Be Dyeing To Try!

I think it’s safe to say when it comes to hair, there are no rules or boundaries. You can walk into a salon tomorrow and ask for the most obscure, one-of-a-kind thing, and chances are, a stylist will be able to do it. Whether it’s granny grey, ombre, or opal hair, if you want it, you can have it!

So, what’s the most recent trend to hit the hair scene? If you guessed peacock locks, you are right! This dye job consists of beautiful blue, purple, and green tones, and perfectly captures the amazing, bold colors of our majestic, feathered friend. An added bonus with this look is even if you have darker hair, it’s still totally achievable without completely destroying your mane! That’s something I can get on board with.

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