14 Conspiracy Theories You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

For years people have struggled with explaining the mysteries of our world. From the creation of the pyramids to the formation of our planet, there are things that we simply cannot explain. That is why many have turned to creating their own versions of what actually happened, and in many cases…it’s completely nonsensical and ridiculous

With the introduction of the internet, conspiracy theories have become increasingly more aggressive and outlandish. What’s even more crazy is the fervent and loyal following these conspiracy theories have. People will write extensively and avidly about how lizard humanoids from distant planets are colluding together to enslave the human race. There exists institutions like 911 Truth, who expend huge amounts of energy and resources to prove, in a very conspiratorial way, the real facts of that tragic event. People from all over the world actually believe this stuff. To be fair, though, it is true that jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams, and it is difficult to explain exactly how the pyramids were created. And how come the American flag on the moon waved as though there were wind?
The world is indeed a capricious and bewildering place, and many of the events that have unfolded throughout history remain as oddities. That is why you should take a minute and scroll through this lovely list of how humanity has decided to explain its mysteries. So sit tight and be prepared to read through quite possibly the strangest and most ridiculous conspiracy theories, that for the most part, make absolutely no sense.

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