8 Ways October Was Heated Up With the #OctoberYogaSpice Challenge

Yoga is one heck of a buzzword these days, with hot studios popping up on every corner and everyone clamoring to learn this new way to ‘get fit’ and (apparently) happier as well.

Instagram is where yogis go to show off their skills, interact with other like-minded people and post pictures of themselves in all kinds of pretzel-ish positions. It can be quite daunting for the new yogi seeing photos of people bent in unnatural ways, and it often gives yoga a reputation for being ‘unfriendly’ to the less athletically inclined.

Two prominent yoga instructors and Instagram pros are trying to change that with monthly yoga challenges that encourage everyone from the very green to the super bendy to pledge to try a new pose every day of the month. For October they’ve upped the ante by agreeing to donate money to charity in exchange for posts.
Essentially, this means that you can learn yoga, practice accountability in a dynamic online group setting and help a good cause at the same time! If they get to 50,000 posts they will donate $1,000 and that will be doubled if they crack 100,000 posts. The donated funds will be used by @yogisheart to send one lucky youngster to India to embark on a life changing yoga journey.
Hosted by @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl, the challenge is sponsored by @aloyoga who are also giving away lots of money and swag to eager participants.
Follow #OctoberYogaSpice on Instagram for some really inspiring and creative poses!

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