What This Pammi Aunty Says Her Friend On Call Turns Out The Best Laughter Piece

>Gradually, the Internet has become our best company that we ever want to be with. It is very successful in providing us everything beyond our expectation. Be it our desire of killing boredom or eating some information, it has everything to fulfill our needs and certainly dear Pammi Aunty, the interesting character whom it has introduced recently is the one amongst them.
Do you have any idea whom am I talking about? She is our very own Pammi Aunty with the cutest Punjabi accent. She has her close friend Sarla with whom she does telephonic discussions often. Everyone who has a Punjabi mom can perfectly relate to the conversation she has with her BFF.
And, I have to say, Punjabi Pammi Aunty with a great humor quality is winning the web and now she has become my favorite.

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