10 People Who Should Be Careful Before Taking Selfies

Selfies are fun. I like Selfies. Do you like Selfies? There is something oddly satisfying about pouting and posing. Just to capture that perfect shot, I challenge my body to bend into yogic postures which will put many yoga gurus to shame. People are of the view that its self-objectification or a plea for approval. Well I say Selfies are a form of self-expression. Its art! The sheer kind of Selfies that people take is mind boggling. Felfie, Delfie, Ussieā€¦There are all kinds of Selfie. However, there are certain rules to follow while taking Selfies. Rule Number One: Use your common sense. Selfies can get you instant internet fame or can be the reason for your greatest misery. There is a fine line between fame and infamy. Save your opinion for after you have seen these people take that perfect shot.


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