This Is What Happens If You Stop Using Shampoo For A Year And It’s Shocking

How many of you are familiar with the ‘No-poo’ trend that is going on lately. Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, and even Adele have been spotted on the red carpet or even the award shows sporting their squeaky clean and lustrous hair. No-poo is short for no-shampoo, and it promotes washing hair with no shampoo or soap. So there are people who are using no shampoo and flaunting that fabulous hair. They indeed look healthy and not dull. But why?
People are adopting this technique to get rid of all the toxic chemicals that the shampoos leave in our hair. This method even includes letting your scalp build its natural oil that moisturizes the scalp. And when you wash your hair less frequently, your hair gets moisture eventually because of the oil, leaving them organically conditioned.
You will be amazed to read what girls all over the world say about this technique. A user posted a question on Quora asking what would it be like if you do not use your shampoo for washing your hair? And the answers were amazing. Let’s have a look at what they say.


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