This Father And Daughter Are Slaying The Internet And Everyone Wants To Copy Them

Who’s slaying the internet nowadays?

Answering the question is a big “OMG” because, in reality, they’re technically many. Imagine, more and more people became discovered for exhibiting their wit and talents in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Don’t even forget online sensations that are just sprouting from the world of Snapchat, blogging, and vlogging, as well as those doing some Dubsmash, vines, and the likes.
But, look at this very simple but stylish father-and-daughter tandem is making noise with their unique family asset–their hair. Well, they are rocking the photography scene, and their style as a whole package is unique from the others. Maintaining a pleasing kinky, Afro-textured hair is a very hard task to do, but what more if the two of them can keep an awesomely attractive image? How the heck did they do that? They can now be called the hairy god and goddess with this adorable hair maintenance skill.
Let’s see how are they slaying the internet with some of their eye-candy candid shots.
This is, indeed, #FamilyHairGoals.

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