The Daily Dip Funny Pic Dump #206

I’ve told you all before how much I hate Tuesdays because they’re akin to a second Monday, without the bonus of getting to see your work crew for the first time since Friday. I know some of you out there can’t relate, but I genuinely like my coworkers, so Monday isn’t too bad. But then we have Tuesday. Dredging in on Monday’s coattails like a second cousin no one likes, but that lives close enough that you’re obligated to invite them to events. Tuesday is essentially the salty girlfriend of weekdays. I’m sure many of you can relate to that. You know those times where you’re sensing just enough shade over the phone that you know damn well they’re going to just be a salty, salty mess when you actually get there? You’re not quite sure the level of salt, as it can range from ‘ramen noodle cup’ to ‘rubbed into a flesh wound,’ but whatever it is, it’s definitely not sodium free! That’s just like Tuesday: no matter how you cut it, it just doesn’t taste all that great going down. You could have an absolute train wreck of a day and hey, it’s still just Tuesday. At the same time, you could have a moderately enjoyable time as well, but hey, it’s still just Tuesday! Either way, it isn’t the greatest day, but let’s all enjoy some funny pictures from the internet to get a little sweet with our salty!

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