This Menstruating Girl Was Banned From Looking Into Mirror And THIS Is What She Did!

I still remember the day when my hostel roommate refused to share her pickle with me when I was on my period, claiming that pickle rots when an ‘impure’ girl (READ: a girl going through her regular biological activity inside her body) would touch it. Trust me, much worse is going on in deeper parts of the country of Nepal. Menstruating girls, who are considered ‘impure’ are forbidden to touch utensils, enter the kitchen, wash their hair and sleep inside a cowshed instead of their own homes! A lot of period myths make the lives of young girls hell, both emotionally and physically.

According to WaterAid, these girls don’t have an adequate supply of water, making things worse for their health and sanitation. A group of girls collaborated with WaterAid and took pictures of things they are banned from while menstruating. Some of them are extremely shocking.

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