Woman Had Severe Pain In Appendix, Then Doctors Took Out A Condom From Inside… OMG!

This is a friendly reminder to everyone: When you have an unusual feeling from your body, say pain, never hesitate you have yourself checked.

You don’t need to suffer for months or years just because you disregard that very tiny odd feeling you’ve felt since last time, and chose not to do something preventive about it. If it’s very clear to your mind that, because of your extreme fantasies and different thinking and something went inside your body, you must seek for medical assistance as soon as possible. No matter how weird things came about, when you’re health is as stake, honesty is really the best policy.
Don’t be like this girl in this story. Although she knew about some events occurred in her life, she chose to keep quiet. Well, if you would hear her story and her pain, and how things went by, you would somehow realize why she’s become that way.
Here’s the real score.

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