Confused About Your Sexual Orientation This Scale Will Clear All Your Doubts

Sexuality, Gender, Identity, Sexual Orientation and the likes are very broad but interesting topics of human interaction. In order for it to be understood, some experts or people who are very immersed with the systems and concepts underlying this ‘whole picture’ have initiated some ‘metrics’ qualifying the rate at which a certain person is interested in sexual intercourse or romantic relationships, and his or her attraction to the same or opposite sex.
Through the years, there have been a deeper understanding of these ideas, especially when more and more have observed that some aspects are yet to be defined and be taken into consideration. There is indeed an evolution.
If you are still confused about how you react sexually and romantically, here’s a bit of good history to grasp, and some recent noteworthy claims that are now being fought for as standards to be followed in determining these individuals’ mindsets and preferences.

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