Adam Sandler Injured In Car Crash But His Death News Is Hoax

“Latest Celebrity Death Hoax Fails to Take Off”

Incredibly, hoaxers have not learned their lesson with the irony of Paul Walker and his “reported” death in November; now Adam Sandler is dead; not, however according to Twitter, it appears that the latest celebrity death hoax has failed to take off. Sandler’s death has been reported again and he is the newest celebrity death hoax online. Amazingly though, he is not turning Twitter hot with tweets of his early demise.

Apparently the film star and SNL alumnus Adam Sandler died earlier today on December 22, 2013. The 47 year-old funnyman actor succumbed to injuries after a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. “Witnesses” report that Adam was with family and friends at the Zermatt ski resort when the snowboard that Sandler was riding went out of control and crashed into a tree at high speed.

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