Couple Tries To Adopt One Newborn Baby, Gets A Big Surprise

Allison and Josh met in college and quickly fell in love. They were married in September of 2000. Over the years, their family grew larger and with more love than they could have ever imagined. Together, Allison and Josh had three biological children, then adopted their fourth child named Micah, then welcomed their fourth biological child in 2013. Surely their family was complete, or so they thought.

Fast forward to October 30, 2015. It was Allison’s 38th birthday. She received a call from a friend who is also an adoption attorney, who had remembered Allison and Josh talking about possibly wanting to adopt again. It just so happened there was a pregnant woman who was unable to keep the baby boy — and would they consider opening their home to him. It didn’t take long for Allison and Josh to decide yes, they absolutely wanted to adopt this precious newborn.

When the call came to let Allison know that Sam’s birth mother was in labor, she and Josh loaded up the van, rounded up their kids and hit the road for the 10-hour trip from Birmingham, AL to Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. On the way to the birth, the adoption attorney called back.

“Does Josh have both hands on the steering wheel?” she asked.

Allison received some stunning news — but this was only the beginning in a series of twists and turns that would put her and her family to the ultimate test…

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