10 Clever Reasons Why Law Is The Sexiest Profession!

In the nation obsessed with this eleven letter nightmare of every science pass out, engineering, how cool will it seem if a young chap wants to take up LAW as a career? If it were in the 90s, a guy must have either gave in to his relatives’ furious remarks or have taken a rebellious path of leaving the home and earning for himself and his studies. Because in the 90’s Law wasn’t really an applause-worthy career option.
Gone are the days when kids used to tremble while making such ‘wild’ decisions. Nowadays, no one depends or even should depend on his father being a lawyer before choosing LAW. With schools as prominent as the NLS, the hopes are wide and high and so should be the students who are going to take this intellectual yet enjoyable ride of pursuing law as a career and changing the nation, literally.

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