Here’s The Reason Why We Have Butt Hair

If you would have a quick look at the anatomical and physiological components of the human body, you will be amazed. Almost every thing you can see has specific roles, and studying more about it would even heighten our appreciation to our body. Nevertheless, questions still knock into our intellect because some parts and elements attached to our lovely bodies have no clear roles, and we did not really know how they come about. For example, it was established years before that appendix is just an accessory organ, with not-so-important-and-almost-useless features; and we cannot blame it for being there.
Recently, in a science-oriented vlog, SciShow raised some information to address their random subscriber’s question: what is the role of butt hairs, and how did they came about.
Weird but valid, right? Now, let us clarify this question here.

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