Unlucky Yorkshire Man Chucked A $100K WINNING Scratchcard In The Bin Because He Didn’t Know How To Play

Imagine the feeling of slowly scratching away on a very normal day, just before you go to work – hoping that someday you’ll have the luck to win shed-loads. That didn’t happen for this Mail worker from Sheffield who bought a Camelot £100,000 Blue game, only to win £100,000 and not hesitate one single bit when throwing it in the bin, highly believing that he didn’t win a single penny.

Wrong. He had actually WON £100K and not even realised.

For some strange reason. Mr Celikkanat thought that you needed to match 3 numbers in a ROW – but you didn’t, all you needed to do was literally scratch 3 matching numbers (no matter where they were positioned ) to win a prize.

The Royal Mail worker only came to realise a few days later after binning the winning card when a colleague of his boasted about winning £2 after matching the three numbers. Mr Celikkanat said:

You haven’t won, you need to match all three numbers in a row.
He soon realised that he created a mess when his colleague showed him the rules which are clearly written on the back of the scratchcard… ouch!

He told the Sheffield Star: When I found out I felt dizzy and dropped to my knees – it was like being hit over the head. I threw away £100,000. I feel so terrible, I think about it every day, it’s had a massive impact on my life.
He actually went to the bin days after, but it had clearly been emptied.

National Lottery operators Camelot will only pay out if the winning scratchcard is produced. So either way, he was actually facing a huge loss.

This is a real valuable lesson to take in.. make sure you the read the rules if you want to win big! Cemal Celikkanat, 38 from Sheffield hasn’t commented on the situation since it happened in 2010.

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