She Was A Healthy Girl But What Made Her Go Blind Will Leave You In Tears

Ask the value of eyesight to one who has only heard of the bright, beautiful and colorful world but never seen anything but darkness. Eyes are precious, and we certainly don’t want them to lose and go blind. Never!
You won’t believe that there is a woman named Jewel Shuping, 30 living at North Carolina has a dream of living with some disabilities, and she targetted her eyes. She has this desire from her childhood, and when she turned 21, she got her dream turned into reality. This happened to her due to something unusual called Body Integrity Identity Disorder: ‘a condition that makes an able person believe that they are meant to be disabled.’ To achieve blindness, she went under a pathetic process of pouring drain cleaner into her eyes.

Read to learn the complete story about her. She has an experience of life that is probably never heard and never seen before.

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