This BBC Presenter Left Her Job For Traveling The World, You Will Be Shocked To Know Why!

A 28-year-old former BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter who underwent a double mastectomy is travelling the world. Claira Hermet had an elective double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery in January 2015 when the tests revealed she carried the faulty genes from her mother and sister. After the surgery the 28-year-old left her job to follow her passion, sold most of her belongings on e-Bay and packed a rucksack to travel the globe.
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She even started writing a blog to share her experiences while she travelled and invited readers to decide which countries and cities to visit next. She states,”When my sister died, I made a pact with myself to find a way to stay happy.” She continued by saying that,”They may not have their lives but I have mine and I want to make it count for them and for myself.,”

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