The Reason Behind Pregnant Women Taping Paintbrushes On Their Bellies Is Genious

The only thing on which a woman dominates over a man is the power of giving birth. And no one can EVER I repeat EVER can snatch the immense power from them. However, many women find the god’s biggest gift as the painful and traumatic situation and forget about the ability to bring a new life into the world. But, many have the value of carrying a baby in their womb for nine months and living every single day with their life’s part as a new day.
A charity based in Belgium named as Unborn artists was formed when they heard about the increasing infant mortality rate in Africa. Their simple motto was- “To help raise money, we let our unborn babies, support African unborn babies.” If you too wanna know how unborn babies helped the other unborn babies then do read the whole article.

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