Top 15 Diva Moments The WWE Wants You To Forget

When you sit down to watch WWE programming today, the Divas are portrayed as strong, sexy, powerful women. They can wrestle lengthy matches and sometimes even get two bouts on one episode of Monday Night Raw. While yes, the Divas Division can still use some improvement (just watch NXT on any given week to see what it’s lacking), it’s a far cry from the Attitude Era, where women were little more than stage props or managers to the men. The biggest “match” these women participated in typically involved an objective where one had to strip the other to her bra and panties.

Even as wrestlers like Jacqueline, Trish Stratus, and Lita redefined women’s wrestling post-Attitude Era, bad hiring decisions led to a bevy of models coming in who wouldn’t know a wristlock from an arm bar. Once again, the quality of the Divas Division dropped until enough talented women were hired that the ones who couldn’t wrestle either had to learn (like the Bella Twins) or be forced out (like countless others).
That said, today’s Divas Division isn’t free of cringe-worthy moments, even if these women are respected and get to keep their clothes on. While we’ve already written about a few embarrassing Divas moments before, here are 15 more that WWE would prefer you forgot about.

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