This 1200 Years Old Hindu Temple Is Carved Entirely From A Single Rock And It’s Mind-Blowing!

Kailasa Temple, a famous underground creation is one of the alluring Ellora caves in Maharashtra, India. Well known for being one of the mysterious places, it fascinates a lot of tourists with it’s breathtaking beauty. The temple is known to be carved from a single rock, standing lofty 29 kilometers away from Aurangabad. It is a part of a set of 34 temples and monasteries renowned as the Ellora Caves. This beautifully carved cavern is the perfect example of the Dravidian Architecture taking the tourists back to the 8th Century. The contriving is hands on perfection with proper proportions and intricate workmanship, revealing that it was a dedicated contruction.
Well, it surely would have been the blessed hands that would have carved the prettiness using hand tools. Let’s scroll and learn more about it,
While you might have heard about the Rashtrakuta Dynasty, which ruled over a large part of the Indian Subcontinent between the sixth and the tenth centuries. Krishna I, the king belonging to the dynasty sanctioned the construction of this temple.

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