A Brazilian Street Cleaner Is Receiving Tons Of Modelling Offers, Thanks To The Internet

From a sweeper to an internet sensation in an exceptionally short time. The story of this Brazilian street cleaner is pretty much interesting.
Meet Rita Mattos (23), whose life has dramatically changed when her sexy photos went viral on the internet over the weekend. Rita’s photos of cleaning the streets of Rio de Janeiro began circulating on WhatsApp randomly and people amazed how a street sweeper could be such a beautiful. Her well-wishers started calling her ‘Sweeper Babe’, and in a very less time, her photos spread over the internet. Thousands of people shared her photographs suggesting her to find a better job than sweeping.

Rita is gaining huge fans, receiving modeling offers and countless offers of dates. Rita is actually loving this surprisingly adorable turning point in her life and she is thinking of swapping her job from sweeper to a renowned model.

Don’t you want to see the world’s sexiest sweeper?

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