Glass Beach In California The Story Of Trash To Treasure Will Amaze You

Talk about having one of the weirdest but the coolest beach. I could help you with that. Think about a beach with sea glass as a carpet.

Yup, it’s the Glass Beach, California. The pounding surf has literally smoothened out man’s mistake. It’s said that, in 1949 people from the town would come there and dump their trash. A lot of it would be the glass back then. In 1967, the North Coast Water Quality Board realised that they were responsible to tell the people not to dump their crap on a beach, and successfully stopped the waste being dumped there. They did obviously built a dump land somewhere far, but whatever.
So this Beach now, after 50 years has become a tourist destination and a state park because of the glistening balls of glass that lie there on the beach, in serenity.

It’s a sight that will live with you forever.

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