Doctors Say This 20-Year-Old’s 42N Breasts Are Not Clinically Exceptional, But Her Struggle Will Make You Think Otherwise

Ginny Chapman(York, England) is just 20 and like every other girl, she wants to feel comfortable with her body. But she is struggling with her 42N sized breasts and is totally frustrated with her life. And the shocking aspect is when Ginny applied for the surgery to reduce her size, NHS denied and told that her breasts are not extreme enough. Her trouble has doubled when NHS bosses stated her case is not ‘clinically exceptional.’
Due to the massive breast, she is suffering from back pain and is not finding a good job. She says her pain is unbearable and also feels bad because NHS is not taking her case seriously.

During the interview with The Sun, Ginny told: “My boobs are the equivalent of carrying 1½ stone on my chest. They are a curse. I’m in constant agony and I can’t believe they don’t think I qualify for the operation. My boyfriend loves them, I can’t lie. But intercourse is painful. I either have to wear a bra or go on top — and even then I worry I might suffocate him. He wants me to be happy and if he could pay for the reduction he would. But it’s between £5,000 and £6,000 and there’s no way we can afford it. I can’t pay until I have a good job — it is a vicious circle. I want to be in work.”

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