Latest Internet Fad – Transformation From ‘Ugly’ To ‘Beautiful’ To Combat Body Shaming

The hashtag #dontjudgechallenge becomes the internet fad where youngsters are posting the photos of their face naming it ‘ugly to beautiful’. The trend hit Twitter and Instagram encouraging people to criticize body shaming.

Countless youngsters excitingly made their involvement.
Over 85,000 people posted their face transformation using the hashtag on Instagram. The trend is followed by the hashtag #ThePowerOfMakeup, which is taken as the attempt to aware people not to judge others by their looks. Teens are posting their unattractive photos/videos supporting the challenge. The purpose of filming the ugly photos is to spread the message that real beauty lies in originality. The transformation from ugly to beautiful gave them a positive message, but the nasty videos were criticized much.
The trend fell in controversy as well. Many people disliked the trend saying that the ugly videos are insulting. Although some people criticized the campaign, the trend positively affects a large number of people around the world.

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