Incredible Photo Series Show Couples Leviating And Expressing Love!

You lift me up with your love.
Love is the feeling of lifting that soul up to meet the other person’s imperfections and falling in it’s deep ecstasy.
Valentine’s day just went by and Huff Post photographer Damon Dahlen went over to homes of 14 different queer couples in New York City and shot their portraits but with a little twist i.e. one of them should atleast be levitating.
Dahlen told the Huffington Post,” I have been shooting similar pictures for 6 years now and I never grow tired of it.” He added on by saying that,” It’s like putting together a puzzle with so many variables in play that there is always that chance that you might not get the photo! It’s exciting! For this particular shoot I toyed with the idea that love doesn’t fit in a box and by levitating the couples the photo itself also stayed true to this idea. Hence ‘Lovatation’ was born!”

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