7-Year-Old Daughter And Mom Cosplay As Disney Characters, And Their Photos Are Better Than The Real Thing

7-year-old Layla may be a shy kid but not when she’s wearing a Disney costume. Playing dress-up has helped Layla “come out of her shell” and gain confidence.
It all began 2 years ago, when Camillia Courts, a photographer, took her daughter to Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and got her a dress. Their first photo came out so great that they have been cosplaying ever since.
The mom-daughter duo now has more than 19,000 Instagram followers, and sew the dresses themselves or hire local seamstress. While Layla loves to dress as Disney princesses, her mother prefers the villains. Their favorite photoshoot was “The Little Mermaid” where Layla was Arial and Camillia turned herself into Ursula.
Besides cosplaying as Disney characters, the 7-year-old has also dressed as Princess Leia and BB-8 from the “Star Wars”. She also cosplayed as Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter and Violet from “The Incredibles.”

5 Tactics Every Guy Must Know To Kiss A Girl Passionately

Kiss is the basic step of expressing love in relationship. Kissing, cuddling and pampering plays a great role in developing passionate relationship with your lover. There are some important things which you must keep in mind for kissing your partner. Let’s check out the 5 tactics every guy must know to share a sensual kiss with your lover.

Lesser Known Facts About Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Marla Maples

Most everyone knows that Marla Ann Maples is an American actress who was married to Donald Trump for six years in the 90’s.

Other common knowledge regarding the star is the fact that she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and that she is the mother of Trump’s daughter Tiffany.

There are however some very interesting lesser known facts concerning Ms. Maples. Read on!

99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested And Put In Jail To Check It Off Her Bucket List

99-year-old Annie wanted to get arrested before the end of her lifetime, and her local police department was happy to help.
According to an official Facebook statement from the Nijmegen-Zuid police station, Annie was “briefly allowed” to sit in a cell with fastened handcuffs after officers picked her up from her home. Citizens who haven’t committed a crime are usually not permitted in cells, but a rare exception was made for Annie. The joy on her face sums up how the experience went.
Let’s hope the rest of Annie’s bucket list pans out this well, since this lady clearly likes to live on the wild side.